eco cover material

We have a general approach aimed at sincerely respecting our environment. This is why Sense range has been designed as a genuine eco cover material from the very beginning.


Environment : A global approach leading to an eco cover material

Maybe because our country has a high density of population, we learn to know from our childhood any small environmental misbehaviour can have great consequences.


For that reason, we have implemented following decisions for decades :

  • No solvent being used, even for machine cleaning.
  • All our adhesives are water-based only (cellulosic and biodegradable)
  • Our Energy is 100% sustainable
  • All our waste is recycled.

But our eco-commitment is also a daily topic :

  • Every year we launch internally some new projects to minimize our footprint on environment.
  • Last year, we carried out a study to re-localize most of our suppliers to minimize our footprint due to extra transports.
  • This year we have worked on the quality of our water rejects.

Environment : special focus on SENSE eco cover material


Cellulose fibres being used are 100% made of eco-certified eucalyptus pulp and are biodegradable.


SENSE eco cover material on paper or board is 100% cellulose-based (from substrate to fibre), so 100% recyclable

Internal processing

All the fibres we use are made internally (cutting / dying / treating).


All pigments comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


All SENSE graphic items are Eco-certified (as well as REACH compliant of course)

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